Desiring to start or growing a membership?

The Spirit School membership space is celebrating 2 years on August 1st, 2022! In those two years I have launched, grew, sustained, pivoted, reformatted, overhauled and overcame so much through my membership ownership experience.

I have learned 👏🏽 so 👏🏽 much 👏🏽

I am often asked to 'pick my brain' on memberships, so I put together an in-depth look at what it takes to start, grow and sustain a successful membership space for your business and practice!

Whether you desire another stream of income in your business, want to grow your body of work, or build a scared community for people to gather around your content - a membership community is an incredible addition to your business.

Topics we'll cover:

✨ Membership Models (various)

✨ On-boarding/Off-boarding members

✨ Structuring the content and pricing

✨ Launch Strategies to consider

✨ Pivoting in your membership

✨ Growing your membership

✨ What I wish I knew

✨ Support systems within your membership

✨ Community engagement and community building

This class will have a 90 minute lesson with 1 hour Q&A - The replay will be posted the same day for access for 6 months.

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