Tracking your intuitive nudges and receiving validations by what you see, feel, know, and hear in your daily life and dream state is a great way to understand how your intuition speaks to you.

It’s time to stop wondering if what you experience is actually your intuition and, instead, lean into trust and faith that you are attuned to your higher self in a way that is perfectly aligned. You are worthy of a life of joy and ease - this workbook will help you get there!

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Hi, I'm Danielle, also known as the Squamish Medium!

I used to wonder if what I felt or saw was a sign, and once I learned the language of Spirit, the Clairs, I started making more aligned decisions in my life. I became more aware of myself and my surroundings. I created this tool for you to start uncovering how your intuition, and often, the world of Spirit communities with us! This style of tracking my intuition was paramount to the unfolding of my Mediumship abilities.

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